Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Real Lee and His Trade

A number of naysayers would reject spending capital on real property. The optimist would not. Here comes Wealth Intelligence Academy’s guru on the matter: Lee Escobar. He can present to you his beliefs and concepts about the Rich Dad, Poor Dad paradigm in the trade of real property. His ways are not typical and may get a negative response. To understand him, you have to take a leap of faith. Shed the off-putting thoughts and brace yourself for a lot of learning. Be alert because what you discover could surprise you.

Facts about Lee Escobar and the Seminars He Organizes

Sessions on effective realty tactics are offered by The Wealth Intelligence Academy. Charging one percent of the entire rate for one percent of the entire course, Lee Escobar and his associates are putting forward the ground rules to realty. You won’t be babied, however, in the three day span, Be attentive and jot down what you learned.

Recently, negative feedback has been centering on their teachings on increasing the credit card limit.

There are those who believe this is their way of giving you ideas on signing up for the whole series of lectures. You forget that monetary sources are a primary problem of people wanting to get into the business of making money.

The credit card shouldn’t even be an issue as it is but an out-of-the-box suggestion.

Success can be measured only by what you’ve learnt and how you plan on applying it.

The no networking ruling irks some attendees. During the lessons, you may want to meet new people which is nice, but if they’re out to disrupt the true purpose of the lessons, it is not helpful.

Besides, is that what your goal is - making business associates?

In part, realty is inevitably the sale of residences and Lee has come up with a great plan by having the participants go to the microphone to ask about the lecture.

It’s a way for them to rehearse in front of a gathering of their peers before proposing to a gathering of one or two. Don’t shy away from the opening given to you, embrace it.

Hard work is something that Lee stresses in his sessions. Realty is not easy and you have to be prepared, more so during this day and age.

Before signing on, understand how this undertaking won’t be easy and blood will be spilled.

Controversies behind Lee Escobar’s Seminars

The road to riches was not built in a day, nor can it be traversed in the same time. There is truth in the enthusiasm for the industry of realty holdings.

An immediate grasp on its core is highly unlikely though.

Lee Escobar will be your guide - should you consent to it, should you be amenable to it, and should you stick to your goal of becoming a rich dad.

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All about Lee Escobar and the Ideas He Shares

Investing on any kind of business needs proper planning, the right attitude, and the right knowledge. Risks are good but only when it is done with proper care and planning and complete knowledge.

One of the best forums to obtain such knowledge is from business seminars offering techniques on how to invest properly.

Although there are many information on other sources such as the Internet but it is better to have a direct contact from someone who have made money out of this such as Lee Escobar.

Lee Escobar is a real estate investment guru who has made millions out of investing on the right investment vehicle. By properly knowing where to put his money at the right time ensured him a larger income and profit.Thus, with his portfolio it is fitting that he becomes one of the trusted resource speakers in real estate investment. Currently, he is sharing what he has learned through the years so that anyone who wants to earn from real estate will have the right knowledge.

Lee Escobar has been on a tour to the United States to share his knowledge on real estate investment.

He is an investment resource person for the real estate filed working with Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad book. With the successes that he has made as a real estate investor makes him a good person to share tips on real estate investing. His credibility in sharing techniques is verifiable due to what he has already achieved.

The success story of Lee Escobar is not enough to make him a worthy and reliable speaker as what critics are claiming.

Furthermore, these discontented people are also commenting that the seminars are just made for the money. They are saying that with all the seminars organized only the presenters and resource speakers became wealthy with all the money taken out from the registrations. It is never the intention of these organizers as well as Lee Escobar to make anybody rich at a glance. But maybe due to the assumptions of some participants that joining the seminars will make them rich quickly thus make them displeased and claim that all of these are scams.

The knowledge seminar by Lee Escobar provides a knowledge capital to start in the real estate business. In the seminar that Escobar organizes they focuses on real estate investing thus you can have an ample and correct knowledge base on putting your money where it will matter most. The ideas and information shared by these successful resource speakers will also show you ways to be like them.Otherwise, without hard work you will not earn from anything, thus you may falsely say that the seminar is not worth it and is just a scam.

The seminar from Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as from Lee Escobar’s real estate seminars are not a quick rich scheme.
It is also not a networking kind of scheme.
The resource speakers such as Lee Escobar may give false hopes to those attendees who want to have the knowledge on becoming rich and successful at an instant. Not even Rich Dad and Poor Dad philosophies shared by Kiyosaki entails that after reading it you become rich right away. The thing is that working hard and being patient is the key to becoming wealthy. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to gain more income.

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